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our list of 5 google fonts we love is ideal for any entrepreneur looking for open source* fonts that will elevate your brand.

*Open Source = free to use for personal or commercial use!

I tend to gravitate toward typefaces that give modern vibes, but I can't resist a good serif font. Font choices are an essential part of visual branding. The right font choices can elevate your brand, compliment your logo, and emulate your brand values! Grab yourself a coffee and take a moment to download these five gorgeous Google fonts!

1. poppins

Poppins is a classic sans serif font that is gorgeous when paired with an elegant serif! I love Poppins for secondary header text and body text on a website. It is clean, modern, and light.

2. playfair display

Playfair Display is gorgeous when italicized. I love it. It comes in a variety of different weights from 400 to 900 and gives a feeling of elegance to any design piece.

3. marcellus

Marcellus is super clean. It is hardly a serif font with a very delicate serif, but oh my gosh is it beautiful! Marcellus is ideal for logos and large headings!

Bonus: It comes in a small caps style as well (download here)!

4. noto serif display

Who doesn't love a delicate serif font!? Noto Serif Display is honestly ideal for an elegant logo. With weights ranging from 100 to 900, this typeface has so much potential to be anything you want it to be!

5. italiana

Serif fonts can tend to feel a little antiquated, but not Italiana! She is modern, clean, bold, and elegant. Italiana is ideal for large headings!

Together, let's find the perfect font pairing for you and your branding.

1 Comment

Apr 08, 2022

Love this! Interestingly enough, Sandler is moving to Poppins as it's main font! What I want to know, though, is what font is the word "Inquire" appearing in? This is Susan from Sandler!

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