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5 Adobe Fonts We Love

These five adobe fonts can help elevate your brand and capture the attention of your ideal client.

A few weeks back I shared my favorite open source Google Fonts and while I love Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts are next level, okay? Adobe Fonts are free with any Adobe that means if you have any of the Creative Cloud suite or use any Adobe products, you should have no problem accessing these!

(For those of you who aren't currently using any Adobe products, you can create an account and browse products & plans here.)

Let's dive in!

1. contralto

Helloooo beautiful! Contralto is simple, but bold. With her sans serif self, she will add just the right amount of flair (check out the top of that "C") to just about any design project you've got.

2. lust sans

Lust Sans is suuuuper elegant. I absolutely love how this typeface goes from bold on the downstroke to dainty on the upstroke. Lust Sans is definitely more of a display font in my mind, so this is perfect for main headers.

3. gravesend sans

I love this font because of how simple it is. If you know me, you know I am all about this. Gravesend Sans is perfect for a subheading and great for large format designs.

4. kepler

To me, Kepler screams luxury, especially when put in italics. I love this typeface because it has a little bit of an edge to it -- it's not your typical serif font, but it's also not too complicated.

5. quiche display

I could not resist adding Quiche Display to the list. How fun! I'm dying to work with this typeface for a logo design. It is playful & unique but still clean & classy.

5 Adobe Fonts We Love



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