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It is my opinion that you cannot move forward with a cohesive brand without knowing exactly who your ideal client is. Identifying your ideal client creates the framework for your brand values, brand messaging, and visual identity. In this article, we'll discuss why you need to identify your ideal client and how you can do just that.


- dream a little.

Take a moment to ask yourself this question: if I could have any client/customer in the world who would it be?

This simple exercise does one very powerful thing -- it takes away the should's and the could's and gives you a dream. So, why identify your ideal client? To place a dream and a vision in your heart for your brand.

- standards and expectations

By getting clear on your ideal client, you're also setting a clear standard and expectation for your brand. If you know who you're working with, you also know who you are not working with. Identifying your ideal client is a great way to set simple boundaries around your work -- learn to say yes to your ideal client and no to everybody else.

- all branding is filtered through this lens

Identifying your ideal client means you can take what you've learned and filter every aspect of your brand through this lens. Will that post resonate with my ideal client? Is my brand shoot aligned with what they are attracted to? Did that class I just held speak to my ideal client's pain? When everything is filtered through the lens of your ideal client, you are more likely to resonate with them and therefore attract the kinds of clients and customers you dream of having.

- create a fan base

We all have that one brand that we can't stop telling our friends about -- that could be your business. That could be your brand. But not without a fan base. By identifying your ideal client and marketing your business for them, you'll create big fans of your business who are excited to share their experiences with others.


1. give them a name and identity.

No, I'm not joking! It is a simple, but powerful step. By giving them a name and describing who they are, you will be able to better visualize who you are talking about and who you are talking to in your brand messaging. Each time you make a new social media post, take into account ____(insert name)____ and the kind of content they'd like to see.

Answer the following questions:

  • What is their name?

  • What do they do for a living? For fun?

  • What do they believe?

2. hopes & dreams

We know your dream is to work with them -- but what is their dream? It is very important to know what your client wants in their heart-of-hearts so that you can speak to it through your brand messaging. When you know what your client wants, you also know what they don't yet have -- and now there's a perfect you-sized gap in the equation!

Answer the following questions:

  • What does your client want more than anything?

  • Why does your client do what they do?

  • What do they value?

3. challenges

Take time to consider what your ideal client is struggling with and what their pain point might be. Sometimes this can take a little digging --- surface level pain may not be the root of the problem. Push yourself to determine what really keeps them up at night.

Answer the following questions:

  • What challenges do they face on a daily basis?

  • What false beliefs are tying them down?

  • What will happen if their problems aren't solved?

4. what you can do for them

Next, discover the unique way you are able to help them solve their problems and alleviate their pains. To do that, keep in mind not only the services you provide, but the skillsets you bring to the table that make you a perfect match for your ideal client. Ultimately, this verbiage can become part of your powerful brand messaging.

Answer the following questions:

  • How can I help them in a way that other brands can't?

  • What is the unique value I add to them?

  • How will they feel before and after working with me?

Identifying your ideal client sets the framework for your entire brand. It gives you an opportunity to dream. It cultivates a fan base that can't stop talking about you. It gives you an opportunity to set standards and expectations for the way you run your business.

It is a tool that can be used to create powerful marketing that resonates with the right people. The key is -- actually using it!

Need help honing in on your ideal client so you can build out a brand that actually resonates with the individuals you want to reach? Let's connect.


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