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when I first started my marketing business, it was a total accident.

A friend asked for help on his website and when it was completed, I shared the final product on social media. Other friends started catching onto my knack for branding and design, and soon I had a side hustle.

There is this moment whenever anyone starts a business where you stop and think — did I just start a business? Am I even qualified for this!? When I hit that point in my own business I decided to run with it. I created a logo, started an Instagram business page, and filed an LLC…all in about a week.

Fast forward two years and I had the opportunity to sit down with a really amazing potential client. Being a branding and marketing expert, I was actually embarrassed to put my own branding in front of them. It’s not because my branding looked bad. It’s because it didn’t reflect me or them. So I spent time investing in my branding, mentally, emotionally, and financially to create branding that was not only an extension of myself, but of my future clients.

So how do you know if it’s time to rebrand?

when to rebrand your business

your branding is not a reflection of you

First impressions make a big difference and can tell your ideal client a lot about who you are. If you’re not excited to send someone to your website or hand them a business card, it may be because you don’t feel it’s a reflection of who you are. You might feel embarrassed like I did or worried about what other people will think! If that’s the case, it’s time to consider a rebrand.

your branding is not a reflection of them

Who is your branding attracting? If it’s consistently not attracting your ideal client, it may be time to consider whether or not your branding is a reflection of who they are. Your ideal clients should feel a personal connection and attraction to your brand and if they don’t, they’re going to find someone whose branding they do feel connected with.

it’s been a while since you gave your branding some love!

If you haven’t updated your branding in five years or more, it may be time to give it some love! Maybe this means a complete overhaul of your business, but more times than not a few simple updates to your current branding can make a world of difference. (Pro tip: Just like fashion and home decor, design trends change too! Just because you love your logo doesn’t mean it’s up-to-date with current trends. Branding can evolve over time without a total rebrand.)




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